As a freelance flautist, composer and electroacoustic performer, Alessandro is active internationally in the field of contemporary music and sound art.

Passionate musician, inventor, entrepreneur, product designer and sound artist, he acts cross-disciplinary and beyond categories, conceiving artistic work as the fusion of different domains of knowledge. He is co-founder of many internationally acclaimed musical realities, such as The Black Page Orchestra and the composer-performer Duo Nimikry.



Hyperflute – a renaissance in digital flute music. Listen to new ways of expression with technology

“The digitalisation of musical instruments is based on an ideological foundation: the idea that the integration and expansion of historical instruments into the world of the digital is an important ingredient in the preservation and expansion of human expressive potential in the technological age.”

A. Baticci



Hyperflute is a complete sample library of 12+ GB of flute sounds, including all extended techniques,...


DigitAize is a sensor-based digital mapping system for string musical instruments.

Tramonto Umano

Tramonto Umano

Tramonto Umano is a multimedia Colour-opera investigating new possible ways of digital interaction between humans and machines.


Out of total casuality, I happened to get in touch with the roofing community and decided to start a collaboration with a german roofer, preparing a scenic work in the frame of Deutsche Bank Stiftung.



L. Nono – Das Atmende Klarsein (1980-1983)

for small choir, bass flute and live electronics

NIMIKRY / Cantando Admont

Live performance at Mariahilferkirche, Graz

C.P.E. Bach – Flute Concerto in D minor, Wq. 22

III., Allegro di molto

Performed by HYPERFLUTE Sample Library

S. Scodanibbio – Ritorno a Cartagena (2001)

For bass flute

Adaptation for amplified double bass flute in G

K.Penderecki - Flute Concerto (1992/93)

Live Recording with the Chamber Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Krakow

Maciej Tworek, conductor


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