alessandro baticci

flutist / composer / performer / sound artist / inventor

                 how to mount                       :

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open the screw


place                    on the head-joint


assemble your instrument

fasten                    at the desired position

press the ring softly against the tube while you fasten the screw


 place woodify at approx.

2-8 mm distance from the marker 

on your head-joint (the marker is the circular line 

you use as reference when tuning the instrument) 

how to test                  :


           changes the way your instrument reacts to vibrationsThe position as well as the pressure both influence the damping result. The pressure controls the degree of damping, the position changes the tonal range which is more affected (low, mid or high register).



focus first on the position: if you place         at approx. 1-2 mm distance from the marker, you will obtain a very bright and sonorous low register, but will loose energy in the high register. 

On the other hand, if you place

at approx. 8-10 mm distance from the marker, you will experience a brilliant high register, but a smaller low register:


find the balance between this two extremes!