alessandro baticci

flutist / composer / performer / sound artist / inventor

Black Page Orchestra


I´m performing and organizing in this young ensemble for radical and uncompromising music of our time based in Vienna.


Check out more about Black Page Orchestra on the website:


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Unsafe + Sounds

I work as artistic consulting in this experimental festival for electronic and radical music.

The festival will take place in September 2016 in Vienna for the 3rd time!


The program will soon be online.


stay tuned and check the Unsafe + Sounds


repairing historical instruments

Had a busy time repairing this romantic 12-keys flute. This instrument was a present by my former flute teacher in Italy and was in very bad shape. After 2 weeks of polishing the mechanics (and removing rust!), changing pads and corks), oiling and restoring the wooden tube, the instrument is now fully working. the instrument is tuned A-420

jam duo with Steph Cl

I am working together with Stephane Clor, french double bass player and sound artist. 

Out of the obsession for sound and the search for new frontiers on our instruments, together we project utopic sound in the space. Ecquiped with sensors, controlling gloves, effect pedals and live-electronics, our performance in characterised by an innovative use of technology combined with an instrumental acoustical aproach.

feedback flute

Working with DPA 4060 mini omni microphones inside the tube of the instrument, I am able to feedback and influence the feedback by changing fingerings (and therefore the air column). The results are astonishing! I can generate chords and rhythms without even play a single note!


The equipment consists of a hardware compressor, a mixing board, the DPA mini omni micorphones, one volume pedal and several midi pedals for effects, a Mac computer and a Max MSP-patch processing the input, filtering it and sending it to the loudspeakers.



stephane clor