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The Hyperflute Ebook is a unique resource on extended techniques for flute.

This interactive PDF includes:


Extended Techniques

Fundamentals to each Extended Technique

Tons of Examples from the Literature

Tips & Tricks how to perform them

Best practices for notation


Audio & Ressources

Professionally recorded Audio Examples for Each Technique, directly embedded into the ebook!
✅ Find many techniques also present in Hyperflute Sample Library
✅ Step-by-step explanation on HOW to practice difficult techniques
Audio examples for each technique, professionally recorded & embedded in the eBook!
Charts & Extra Content
14 PAGES of useful charts for quarter tones, special fingerings, bisbigliando and much more:

Useful fingering charts

✅ 140+ Multiphonics Fingerings

✅ Ressources on poly- & complex rhythms

Why I Worte this Ebook:
Contemporary music is my passion. I have more than 10 years of experience both as a composer and flautist in this field and I want to share some of my enthusiasm to YOU! During my professional music education, I was often confronted by colleagues struggling to read and perform extended techniques, who would ask for my advice. So, I decided to write this book and share my experience to all of you. The flute has one of the most various and musically stunning repertoire composed just over the last 40 years! It is an unbelievable heritage, that a modern flautist NEEDS TO DISCOVER! And here I am to help YOU do that.

3 reviews for Hyperflute Ebook

  1. Jake

    The charts and extra content in this ebook are a valuable resource for any flute player. The 140+ multiphonics fingerings alone are worth the price of the book.

  2. Manuele

    As a composer, I was really impressed with the attention to detail in the notation and best practices section. It’s clear that the author has a deep understanding of contemporary music and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others.

  3. Joanna

    The Hyperflute Ebook is an absolute game-changer for flute players looking to expand their musical repertoire. The interactive PDF format makes it easy to follow along and the professionally recorded audio examples really help to understand the techniques. I can carry the book on my phone, wherever I go! That is soo convenient!

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