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Signature Flute Library Hyperflute.

NI Kontakt 6.3.2+ compatibility, Native Access Deployment

12+ GB of flute sounds, including all extended techniques, ranging from Contrabass flute up to the piccolo flute

15 distinct instruments, single articulations, more than 5 octaves range, a total of 9000+ samples.


Technique number of samples range instruments
Staccato 858 C0-C6 All
Sustain 369  C0-C6


Internal Air Sustain


250 A-1  – E4 All
Jet Whistle (internal air “short”)


28 B0-A#1 Flute in C
Slap tongue


391 F#0-B4


Internal Slap tongue


268 F-1 – E3


Tongue Ram 273  A-1 – E3


Key Clicks open A-1  – E3


Key Clicks closed All
Whistle Tones


186 2 octaves All


295 All
Air open (accents) 327 G0-G5 All
Internal tremolo 85 B-1 – D#1 Double bass flute in C
Harmonic Glissando 50 B-1-G0 Double bass flute in C
Tongue Ram 117 B-1 – D#1 Double bass flute in C
Key clicks closed 131 B-1 – D#1 Double bass flute in C


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