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Discover the new resources for flautists and composers. Hyperflute is a interactive Ebook, as well as a Kontakt library of 12+ GB flute sounds, including all extended techniques,...


DigitAize is a sensor-based digital mapping system for string musical instruments.

Tramonto Umano

Tramonto Umano

Tramonto Umano is a multimedia Colour-opera investigating new possible ways of digital interaction between humans and machines.


Out of total casuality, I happened to get in touch with the roofing community and decided to start a collaboration with a german roofer, preparing a scenic work in the frame of Deutsche Bank Stiftung.

New Horizons

New Horizons

Questioning usual and past performance practices in live-electronics, re-interpreting pioneer works of electronic music and exploring new sound worlds

Digital Flute

With a special contact foil, the key mechanism of the flute can be mapped. This innovative technology is the result of a long...



Woodify is the result of a year-long personal research to find a sound quality on my flute, that would suit my taste.


Nimikry is an experimental composer-performer duo working with self-designed augmented instruments.

Classics and Beyond

Classics and Beyond

Keeping a fresh view on works of the classic and romantic repertoire, up to the contemporary works of the most recent years.

Sound Installations

Developing sound installations has been part of my artistic research. I tried to approach the dimension of sound through it's materiality.

Sound Installation


I take composing as a technological challenge, trying to integrate new ways of expression with the use of technology. Find a detailed list of all my compositions here

Text & Annotations

Collected posts, thoughts and writings


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